fast foods and concrete dust

so Friday after school we headed east to my parents house. This is our spring break and the house we are in is my parents first house that they own…they just moved in. The only thing here is furniture. I do not have a problem staying here (there is SOOO much more room than their rental), we have a good time regardless what is going on…

The house is under some renovation….the carpet had to be pulled up so we are just on slab. J is currently taping down brown paper to the floors to control the concrete dust. The kitchen will not be a kitchen until May when the cabinets get here. The sink and its counter is being held up by a hot pink 2×4 frame. We have a set of measuring cups, scissors, pizza cutter and a wooden spoon and lots of paper goods and a few pans. As I type Amanda, older sis, is cutting onions, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes with a plastic knife. Good thing presentation of dinner is not needed.

Due to the drive over (we decided to take 2 days not 1) and the limited kitchen we have food choices have been greatly limiting since there are 13 to cook for. Over the weekend there was 15…so meals have been quick, easy. All yummy and I love but I am not used to eating fast food, hot wings and snacks without lots of fruit and veggies and healthier meal choices in between. All of the yummy food we previously ate makes tonight’s baked chicken with veggies and salad dinner much appreciated and exciting.

Kids are having a great time with cousins and mimi & papa. Dad works at William Carey College and heads the BSU so today we got to do a great service project with him, kids helped out. We helped out Buckets of Hope for Haiti. We filled several 5 gallon buckets full of food that will be sent to Haiti. We all had fun.

Tomorrow lunch with Emily! YAY! We head to her place Thursday and stay the night. Sans  kids. I am so looking forward to that. Think there is some shopping with mom on Wednesday and we will help bring over some more stuff from the old house. oh and a few visits to tato nut! Boy we have missed these donuts!!!

It will be nice when we come back for Christmas and see the place completed and decorated. Plus we will all be here and for longer period of times. Thinking about setting up just a sibling event with my sisters and brother. Think it would be fun to get together with them, just us no kids or spouses, on a regular basis.

Well guess I should help mutilate the other stuff to be chopped and sliced for dinner.

Still have not downloaded pics with my new RED laptop but will eventually show you a pic of my favorite new thing I am using now!!!


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