a visual for u

I am horribly, terribly, deathly, completely, 100% terrified afraid of spiders. In jr. high one morning of my life was a horror film. In short, an early, dark morning in a shower with a tarantula and then the deafening scream as I run in the hallway wet and naked, crying, screaming for my life…

so today’s visual is driving on I-10 at 70+ miles after shopping and I see a spider on the dash crawling over the radio buttons. I have a suburban full of people. Every seat was taken and I am FREAKING out. hen I freak out I cannot speak I utter noises similar to pre-language utterances. I am shaking my finger at the direction of the enemy, trying to slow down and pull over…then i blurt out get it or we will be in a wreck….I did not see the dead body of a spider so I am not sure if mom got it…he could still be in our car… and that makes me ***extreme sarcasm here*** so thrilled and happy a bit out 8-10 hour drive back to texas…


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