my boy is 4!

Seems like yesterday he was just a lil baby.

So he wanted a spiderman/batman/superhero party with his friends. This took me out of my comfort zone…I am TERRIFIED of spiders. And I am that mom who plans parties. I am the party planner in the family and with all my friends and the way I do parties is to make as mush as I can so it is personal special and one of a kind. So I spent a day making a ton of that thing I am terrified of spiders. I put up spider webs but made J add the  plastic, realistic spider to the web. I could not even look at it. It is laying on the window seat right now…he fell when the web came down and I cannot pick him up and yes I do jump and freak out every time I see it until I remember he is the plastic one. Hannah has enjoyed placing some rubber spiders on my shoulder to freak me out. All I have to say is pay back sucks….and hers will happen later in life when it will be loads of fun for me 🙂 hehehe

This was by far the simplest, easiest, with the least to do party I have even done. J and I went to bed at 10 Friday night. I do work on party stuff over time but our norm bedtime the night before a party is midnight at the earliest. I felt that maybe I jipped Joshua on this party but really not much more I could have done….surgery and vacation did not allow me to do my usual extravagant way.

I did love the Bat cave entrance for the front door. That made the entire house dark, which was perfect. We got a big bounce house for all the kids. That was fun! The day was perfect, great weather, the kids played in the bounce house a lot and that left the parents able to relax and chit chat which was great.

Here are a few pics form the day. Enjoy!!



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