Easter 2010

So I am almost a week late…

We had a good Easter. After church that morning we had dinner with 4 of our friends and there families…12 kids and 10 adults, and yes we supplied 1/3 of all the children. The kids had an Easter Egg hunt and enjoyed hours of playtime. Mercie loves being outside and it shows by how dirty, filthy she gets. I got creative and festive making devilled eggs. The kids loved them and I thought they were oh so cute.

Mercie was not in the mood to participate in pictures so I was left to deal with the picture of her how she was. One for the memory books and lots of laughs later. She has a white hat but of course once mommy got the camera the hat came off….

I coordinated my outfit to go with the kids. Black skirt, white top and a sweater to match Joshua’s tie.

“No pictures mom!”

There is that gorgeous face!

Lil chicks!

This picture speaks for itself!


1 Response to “Easter 2010”

  1. 1 Aunt Gayle
    April 9, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    The eggs were cute and of course so are the kids. Give everyone a hug and kiss from me. We had Easter dinner on Monday night. Matt, his girlfriend, his roommate, Darwin’s sister and most of her family, his brother and his wife were here. A total of 10 people. Angelique comes home this weekend for a visit. All is well with us.

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