Fun company, tour of UT, lots of good food and our crazy shopping habits…

We are still alive and well here, just been busy and then some recuperating. We have had the best company ever…I am now a contact lenses wearer…have new red glasses and in a sick way enjoy my Physical Therapy.

So last week Em and the boys were here. It was a BUSY week. She came to finish decorating the guest room, do some shopping, go on a tour of UT with Coleman and eat lots of great food. We all had fun. The time was too short and we still have a lot of work to do to say the guest room is completely complete.

Here is a photo recap of our week. To clarify, yes we take pictures of our food. We all love great food and when we are together the camera is right there with us. Yes, Jackson and Coleman are fun to shop with. And no, no one made Jackson ride in the buggy. It was his own doing and since he is so fun and does not care about me taking the pictures I freely post them for all to see.  I love how he makes shopping so fun!

So it is a long drive from Alabama for Em..then we all stayed up late the night they got in and the next morning there was lots of play, shopping and sight-seeing. After getting home this is all that happened. I regret not getting more pics those who kept changing there sleeping spot. I think Coleman, slept on the deck, sky chair and couch. Jackson did about the same…it c ould have gone on forever but the dead needed to rise so we could eat dinner and one of our fav places….(food pics below)

Coleman is a great sport and a great student!



This is sacred and hallowed ground here in Texas….

The food you see below is HEAVEN in your mouth! The boys baby sat for us on night so J, Em and I could all go out and relax. We went to Bess Bistro. Sandra Bullock owns this restaurant. It is amazing! The atmosphere is wonderful and the service is superb. They leave you alone to enjoy your meal. The food is divine. In fact, this is going to become a regular for J and I. We won’t mind if it becomes so regular that they know us there and we don’t even have to order, they just bring us our favorites.

This is not the first buggy ride. No one was harmed during the filming. my favorite buggy rides are IKEA. It is a great core workout while pushing a teenager in a buggy that goes in all directions. Then there is the big buggy for 3 kids at Target. I do no work, Boys get in and use  their  legs to go and I just hold their hands.

Well as soon as I get some stuff put away I will get pictures of the guest room and post.


1 Response to “Fun company, tour of UT, lots of good food and our crazy shopping habits…”

  1. April 23, 2010 at 6:25 AM

    Okay, what you didn’t see in the picture of Jackson at Lowe’s is that they are trying to convince me to rework the water, THAT IS INSIDE THE WALLS, in their bathroom so they can have an overhead rain shower thing. A really fancy one….. I don’t even have that!!!!!! I did manage to find one that I could attach to their existing pipe thing and now they have one. Best part, it was a surprise! I get thank yous every time Jackson showers. He made an awesome drawing for me too…. in case I needed “a plan”…. they also want to take out their whole bathroom set up and tile it and make it just a shower….. but that will follow on my blog…..

    It is always a great time!!!! ALWAYS lots of photos!!!!! Laughter and tears!!!! We love it!!!! We are encouraging Coleman very strongly to attend UT…. then we would see each other more…..

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