where does the time go?

Only if we could bottle up all that wasted time we have and keep it for the days we need more….FB is a colossal waste of time. I like seeing what everyone is up to and posting random, sarcastic, funny things as my status. (What is funny is what people take seriously) Time spent just trying to decide what to do next oh and all that time I waster wondering aisles of Target when I should really just go in grab what I need an leave…and the list could go on and on.

I, yet again, start several projects at once. We have 3 paint colors splashed on our bathroom wall…and I really don’t see anytime that I am going to actually paint that room. Now I want to wait until I have new mirrors and lights.  I did finish painting Taylor’s cart that I started in March. Took 4 times the amount of paint than anticipated. Then there is cleaning and organizing all my party stuff. I need to get on the ball and make Mercie’s party invites. Somehow I think I have all the time in the world….maybe it is because I told those invited when it is so I don’t feel a driving need to get them out so they can mark their calendars.

J and I had a weekend sans kids. It was good. It was a full weekend.

PT is gong well. We have narrowed it down that it is strictly a nerve issues. So new exercises have been added to my daily list. They are core exercises but not the kind you think. It is not working on my abs…they will not be sore from these exercises. Instead it is concentrated work to do things with my legs while not moving my pelvis, not even a slight movement. The nerve in my foot begins in my core.

I start a different kind of therapy today. Thats an entirely different blog post if I choose to talk about it here.

We ordered our living room rug and it should be here soon. I am beyond excited. I CANNOT wait….it is almost as exciting as waiting for Christmas morning.

Yesterday was a fun day! Got the kids a new slip n slide, 3 lanes so they can race. We had the neighborhood kids over for a water day. Slip n slide and water balloons. Everyone played hard until 6 pm and then we indulged in fajita’s….yummo! I make my own fajitas seasoning now and it is better than any other I have had.

Ok, I suppose that is enough about things for now…I have a list of stuff to do before J, Josh, Mercie and I all go to get our hair done.


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