Party Planning and looking for deals

I have been busy with my baby’s 2nd birthday plans. My cricut machine has been working not stop. I have been cutting tons of Mickey Mouse heads and making banners. I am having so much fun! My lil girl is a Mickey Lover and will be in Mickey heaven in a few weeks. I feel I am channeling my cousin, Amy, she is the biggest Disney lover and fan I know. She clued me into a website that has given more ideas than I could ever use in this lifetime about Disney Parties. I still have a lot of things to print, cut and stick together before I can feel I am making progress. i have found life-size Mickey & Minnie stand ups and balloons. Mercie is gonna freak with joy when she sees them. I cannot wait for this party.

My head is full of stuff. We are redefining our budget and looking to where we can cut costs. We do this every so often but it is a headache to do but we love it when we are done. Of course, I am beginning to think that we may not find any good deals. Only because since this is a regular thing for us we may already have those good deals. I know with our home and auto insurance no one can beat the deal we have with our current company. I spent a good bit of time on the phone this morning finding that out and feeling good about our current plan.

I am also debating whether to be a counselor for a camp this summer. It is a sleep over camp Taylor is going too and they need one more female counselor to go. Taylor would love it if I go. We just have to figure out the care of the other 3. They will be at home with J but he still has to work and when he has meetings they would need someone so he can focus.

Tomorrow is a busy day full of appointments…ugh. Oh well…I am looking forward to the weekend. Though we are having game night at our house with some friends. SO FUN!!

Well off I go to run errands and work on party decorations….


1 Response to “Party Planning and looking for deals”

  1. 1 Shirene
    May 28, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    Hey what is the disney website? Coco LOVES Goofy and her bday theme is Mickey Mouse too.

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