Beyond the decorations

In  my ideal world I would plan parties for everyone and for any occasion. I love to celebrate..events, accomplishments, milestones and my fav is people. If all me dearest friends were close in proximity I would have a friendship party and they would all come. It would be beautiful. I am not talking about setting a date and making a food list and using evite when I talk about planning parties. What I mean is personal, handmade invites, decor, personal and one of a kind favors and a lot of thought put into the food, and then there is that thing that not everyone has…only a select few. People can try to create it, they can do their best with engaging the senses of their guests but some just have a natural ability to create an atmosphere that even the newest guest, the one who knows no one can feel they are special and the guest of honor at any event… it is the atmosphere. I have been told by many that I posses that gift. Since that news broke I have been more aware of watching and really noticing the people who come in and out of my home whether it is a playgroup, game night, childs bday party or our annual formal Christmas dinner party. I see the person on my door step looking happy to be here or slightly stressed that they are finally here but once they walk in the door I see a transformation. I notice them relax, unwind. I see them in full attendance, enjoying all that has been created and prepared. No matter how much I work, stress or think about the decor, food, gifts etc, no matter how many compliments I get on those things I measure the success of my parties by how the guest felt. When I would do parties for others I measured it the same way. I love to make others feel special, loved and at ease. I love it best when I can plan the party for someone who wants it to be a knock out party but they are unsure of the task at hand. It is one thing to plan a party for someone who is looking to forego all the details and thought and who will pay the price tag for it, it is yet another thing to plan a party for someone who desires that their event be and feel as special as I like my own to be.

I am not trying to toot my own horn here but I have just recently seen my passion for what it is. A gift I can do with excitement and ease. Compliments are hard for me, I do not want the attention or spotlight for my accomplishments, some things come so easy for me I do not see them as anything good or anything that deserves a WOW. I just want to provide a one of a kind experience for those I love. I have yet to throw a party for someone I did not know. I think I get more enjoyment from doing it for those I hold close. Doing something for a complete stranger would still be fun but not feel the same.

Yesterday, I did my baby girls 2nd birthday party. It was simple and easy for me. My meaning here is that my house was not transformed into a castle, jail house, construction site or Hawaiian island. I actually had to time to take it easy, sit for a while and chat on the phone, very unusual. Yet, the success was the same as the other location transforming events I have done.

I would love to have a studio type place for my creating. A place where I can take the many notebooks and computer files I have parties planned out in. I could sit all day and make invitations, decorations, favors etc…etc… even if a party was not scheduled.

I have learned I can’t really go simple with anything. Even for a casual game night or evening friends come over to hang out I spend lots of time on the menu and presentation. I add things to my home that help create a desired atmosphere. Just a Tuesday dinner at my house is not just a ordinary Tuesday dinner….well unless you drop by last-minute but then again you may think it was not just an ordinary Tuesday dinner. I have hand painted plates to go with almost every holiday or occasion. I am working on designs for the other things one can celebrate. My kids have their birthday parties planned out until they leave for college. I have a Christmas Dinner Party only notebook I could easily turn into a scrapbook that would be full of mementos, menus and pictures. I have had a dear friend drive 10 hours just so she could be at my house to celebrate her 40th birthday. Friends of her back in her home town just did not understand and probably wanted her to stay and celebrate with them. she still talks about that week. That is what is awesome for me, that I got to make her day so special for her she still loves reliving the memories.  

I have always known I have loved to party, plan parties and celebrate everything I think just recently I learned how much of a passion and hearts desire it is. And speaking of baby girls party that will be another post solely dedicated to her party. No surprise to those who know me I already have great ideas for celebrating her turning 3!


2 Responses to “Beyond the decorations”

  1. 1 etcdesign
    June 3, 2010 at 7:46 AM

    hhhmmmmm, this sounds exactly like me last year when I decided to go “official” and become a designer/decorator, “for real”. I did that mostly for you! You pushed me to go for it. And I am so thankful that I did! The joy that it brings me! The happiness I feel when I start to create something….. The happiness and joy that other people see when I start describing a room coming together in my mind… they see the passion! I would not have been brave enough to do that on my own! Thank you for the nudge!!!!!!

    As for the birthday week celebration last year! It was the most awesome week ever! There was not one minute, second or even mili-second that I did not love! Yes, it is 10 hours, that feels like forever…. but the rewards… the love and friendship! The joy I had, watching you be happy for me!!!!! I can never thank you enough just for loving me and allowing my family to be part of your family!

    Now, can I nudge you ?????? Are you ready to make that leap?????? Is it time????? We could start small…. branch out to people you do know, through other people….. Just think of the things WE could do together!!!!!!

    I love you and you made me cry with your sweet words!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Aunt Gayle
    June 6, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    have you thought of doing this as a business? You could make it a package deal (menu, decorations, etc.) and sell them over the internet.

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