my journey to the looney bin

Well I am single mom for the week and it is the first week of summer and the last 2 days have felt like 2 months.

So last night Hannah said her head itches and so I get the flashlight and comb and check the head. Yes, we are checking for those pesky little pests lice. I HATE them. Gotta expect so many things when your kids start school and love to hug people. Anyway, I bet Hannah brought it home last week after all the hugging on the last day of school. So we do the treatment and I comb bit by bit through her long, blonde hair. This takes a lifetime….it is 9 PM and now I have to start cleaning, washing, and debugging all things related to Hannah. Sheets and blankets in the wash, spray the bed, toss pillows in dryer on high heat etc….

Then I look down to see a lovely army of ants begin their take over of my bathroom. So off to get ant spray….YAY! I am loving life right now. I kill the ants and get back to the hair…..but now I feel like I am being over run by bugs. I am itchy and feel creepy crawlies all over….it is 9:50 PM, J is gone…who can I call that I will not disturb to come look through my head just to make sure? My gal Amy. Going to bed at midnight is early for her and Mike. I call her and she says sure, she is at Target and she will stop by on her way home. Yeah, she is at Target, so I ask her to grab more lice killing shampoo in case I have to treat myself.

*Can’t you just imagine what a great mood I am in and how easy and fun it was to call her and ask such things?*

So, Amy shows up I finish Hannah…Amy gets  a lesson in what to do when she checks me. I send girls off to bed and then it gets better. See yesterday was  PJ day. When I got out of bed yesterday I put on some yoga pants and my glasses and put a clip in my hair. We spent our day watching movies and planning parties. Now it is 10:30 PM and I have been busting my booty with laundry, and spraying and head checking and cleaning and combing that I am in desperate need of a shower. But Amy needs to check my head…my dirty, sweaty head. She is a GREAT friend. I was clean and no issue….YAY! But then we chat till 12:30….she leaves and I have laundry to switch out then I hit the sack about 1 am.

Now it is 2 AM and I am awakened by loud, crashing thunder. I could not go back to sleep. I love thunderstorms…now it is 3:40 and I was close to dozing off. And YAY! 6:15 is here and I am awake…it is still raining hard. It was all night. I hear Mercie and Josh wake up and think crap…already. I finally crawl out of bed, go get Mercie and Josh comes down. He sees more ants in the bathroom and I then pick up all the towels from the night before and what comes crawling out? A not small but nice and fat creature with 8 legs. ( I am deathly terrified of ANY spider) What fun this is , J is gone and now I have this terrifying thing I hate and want dead and I am not near my hairspray so I can spray it to the floor. So I cringe, come close to vomiting and cry as I kill this demon. I was perfectly fine to leave his squished self where he lay and get the vacuum out later after some more clean up, killing ants and breakfast. But no Mercie had other plans. She does not like things out-of-place or dirty so she stood there, pointing and yelling mama, mama…insisiting I take care of it….and of course I say to my 2-year-old. Who do you think you are talking to? I am really not going to pick that up…thats insane. She escalates and I am beyond tired. So I used half a roll of paper towels to get it…why half a roll…so I don’t touch it… after my anxiety fit and uncontrollable shakes I got back to the laundry and cleaning….

Plus, it is still raining outside.

Friends come to play, we have lunch, we have quiet time, I watch some Glee, I think the rain stopped…I chat on the phone with my sis,cousin and Thais….I make dinner for another great friend who had surgery today….I pack the kids up, pack the food up go to deliver the hot dinner so I open up the car and see water everywhere and notice my floors are soaked. The center console is filled to the brim…then I look up. It rained for 10+ hours and my sunroof  was open….now that is fun. Hot TX summer, wet car.

So roll the windows down, drop off dinner, call hubbie to say I am admitting myself into the loony bin etc…tell him about the day and the  not so good news I received about uncle whom I love so much…and he says to me he is sorry he loves me, hang in there and I might have to stay another day or so…more fun times….

I get dinner going for my kids, pull out the wet vac and run back and forth between the two….kids are running playing with neighbors so that was nice….I am now drenched since the rain brought the horrible humidity one would find in south MS on any given day… so kids picnic in the driveway so I can finish the clean up job, get it as dry as possible before I have to close up the car again, completely this time since we are expecting more rain. YAY again. It will smell great tomorrow.

Oh yes I have a garage but no the car will not fit in the garage since state law requires a step be built from the house 2 feet into the garage so you do not run your car through the house. (obviously some idiot did that, probably tried to sue someone and now we have a state law making garages shorter for those that can’t see how clsoe htey are getting to an object like a wall) So that means we are 1 foot short of getting the suburban in the garage. Oh we do have ramps to use to get onto the step but last time I did that I ran into stuff and dented the car. (You need a bit if gas to get over the ramp and well Iam not good judge on how much to give it. So thanks to an idiot who could not see his house we have to use a ramp and gun it ever slighty to get the car in position)  J was so proud of me and I am not going to do that again, especially today because I am sure that the luck I am having I would end up in my kitchen. At that point I am sure I would be laughing hysterically for several days and thus be committed forever.

So now I am off to unwind with some sort of guilty pleasure and pray for a peaceful few days….

**Post should be read with much sarcasm**


2 Responses to “my journey to the looney bin”

  1. June 20, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    can we be roommates????? Or…… have a brady bunch bathroom between our rooms?????? Cause you know I will be there with you!!!!!!

  2. 2 Bronwyn
    June 20, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    definately. Always love great room mates…

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