Leaps and bounds

Time goes by and kids grow so fast. It is bittersweet to watch it.

Yesterday Taylor left for her first overnight camp, a week-long. She has been so excited about camp and the friends of her going. I know she will have a blast. I did when I was younger. I kinda expected a call last night, a miss you, I love you call. We did not get one. I am ok with that. I did not want her to be burdened with sadness that she would miss out on the experience. But, as a mom I would have loved a call. I see changes in her as she is growing. Her face is looking older, not so much like a little kid anymore.

Joshua is growing like a weed. He looks taller each day. His voice is changing too. I wasn’t expecting that. I did not really notice the girl’s voice changing. He does not sound like a lil boy, baby-ness is gone.

When you see your kids everyday you don’t always notice the changes, not all of them. So I love it and cherish it when I see those changes happen in front of me. It is all bittersweet. But I think, I hope I am embracing it all well and enjoy it each day.

Hannah and Mercie are changing to, just not as dramatically right now. Not that I have seen. Mercie feeds herself all the time now. Even yogurt and messy things, she uses silverware too and does great. We are waiting on her to speak more words, less frustration for all of us would be great.

T making sure she has everything!


T and her pal


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