and the days go by….

Well last week while J was gone our week was not lacking for anything. We had it all. Too many chores, tons of creativity, stress I do not want again and absolutely no sleep. He got back Saturday and we spent 2 days celebrating our great country and out independence. And, then my sister and her fam arrived. So we have a full house. Cousins are having fun!

I have so much to talk about but not much time. We started a new tradition in our family that I am excited to post later. We call it Birthday Blessings. We have to think of and do blessings for others and the amount we do is determined by how old we are going to be. I am first in our fam to do this…34 blessings to do. I have thought of 20 and completed 4. Next year I think I will start our 35 days before my bday and do 1 everyday. Taylor is next, she has 9 to do and I told her we can do hers on her actual bday. Anyway the point is to think of others before self…we have to complete our blessing before any bday celebration can happen. More to come later…

My morning has been off to a late and slow start. Had a hard time getting out of bed. I am off to the doctor tomorrow to discuss the extreme fatigue and a long list of other things…hopefully I will get some answers and understand the labs I got back. For 2 years I have been fighting the same issues and I know they are not my normal, not even close….

Ok off to get kids ready for the pool!


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