Birthday Blessings Part 1

So this year we have started a new tradition in our family. I saw the idea here and fell in love with it. We have gotten a late start on it so it is my birthday we are starting with this.

* PLEASE NOTE: I am only blogging about this as a means to share with you how fun this has been for me and how much I feel blessed in doing for others and also as hopefully as an inspiration to others to pass along blessings and kindness so our world can be a happier, less selfish place. I am not looking for or wanting praise for this. This is just one creative way we are trying to teach our kiddos how to love and serve others. *

This is the deal. Before we can celebrate our birthday with a dinner, party or gifts we have to do our Birthday Blessings. We have to do the same number of blessings as the age we are turning. So for me that is 34! The idea is to think of different ways we can bless others whether they know we are the ones giving the blessing or not. We want to teach and enforce to our kids that helping and blessing others is far more important than being selfish and doing things for attention.

I started my blessings already. With our schedule I could not guarantee that I could get all 34 done in one day. Next year I plan to start 35 days before my birthday. My birthday is July 20 and I have dine 12 blessings so far. However, Taylor’s bday is 7/23 and we are going to spend the morning doing her 9 blessings.

I have had so much fun doing this. There are some I have done and have no idea who is getting the blessing but can only imagine the smile that comes to their face and how it has lifted their spirits for the day.

1. Baked goodies for a neighbor that really helped me out during a week that I needed the help and sanity. (forgive the appearance, Ia m not a cake decorator)

2. Wrote thank you cards to the preschool and children’s pastor at our church making sure they knew how appreciated they are and how much they ROCK at what they do.

3. Took a bag of coins to a local playground and threw the coins in  he air…one or more kids is going to get a kick out of finding the money and “being rich”.

4. Placed a dollar bill and a note that read “Enjoy movie night with the family” on a Red Box machine.

5. Taped quarters and a note that read ” have a coke with a smile” on a coke machine at the airport.

6. Hand wrote notes to special friends. Yes, I did the old-fashioned note writing and snail mail. I love bringing smiles to the mailbox.

7. Gave my nephew a bath while he was here (I am not a lover of bath time cleaning and bending over etc…)

8. Let my kids play in the rain. (Not something they do hardly at all, wet, messy and dirty is not my cup of tea)

9. Cleaned out my closet of all things I do not wear or have not worn for a bit and donated them to a special girl.

10. Made party invitations free of charge for a sweet 2-year-old and a 10-year-old.

11. Grabbed an empty buggy from a mom at the store to return for her…she had a hand full of kids and looked to be rushed.

12. Volunteering at Kids Camp this week for a day. A full day in the sun with 1-4 graders.

Well I have 7 days to do 22 more….


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