Birthday Blessings part 2

Despite my posting being a week after my birthday I did accomplish all my blessings prior to dinner on Tuesday. So here are 13-34….

13. I wrote some happy notes and placed on cars. The notes said things like, Have a happy day, Blessings to you today…

14. Bought some grocery gift cards and left in grocery carts.

15. Went through the driveway and bought a coke, paid with a $10 and had the rest be used for the car behind me. This was fun, the workers were excited about it and thought it was awesome and the lady behind me waved really big.

16. Left fast food gift cards on cars in the parking lot.

17. Did my girls chores for the week.

18. Painted my girls nails ( I NEVER do this so it was so special for them)

19. Took pictures for strangers while on a weekend getaway so they could all be in the picture.

20. Stayed up to care for a sick friend.

21. Made some puppy chow for my nephew before he spent the weekend at UT for an honors program.

22. Left starbucks cards for coffee needy people.

23. Decided to throw my oldest an Extravagant Teap Party for her 9th birthday. (She has not had a bday party in 2 years)

24. Volunteered at a Backyard Bible Club serving ice cream to the neighborhood.

25. Planned a surprise party. (thats all I can say here)

26. Went through the house and looked for toys, clothes etc we do not need and donated it all. it filled the back of the suburban.

27. Helped one of my besties search for an awesome homecoming dress for when her hubbie’s ship comes in.

28. I allowed my kids to use a lot of my crafting supplies and papers.

29. Allowed a dear friend to grieve over a close friend he lost last week. 

30. Shared my tradiditonal birthday donuts. (I have been selfish in years past with this)

31. Making sure I say thank you and listing specific reasons for my thanks.

32. Dropped off a meal in a bag at a strangers house. All things needed for a mexican meal. This was fun trying to do it undetected.

33.  Did some last minute babysitting for a neighbor.

34.  Let my son play the Wii for an entire afternoon. (some of you may think this is lame but we highly limit Wii time so this was a blessing to josh)

I feel I have always strived to do for others when I can but I have to admit that thinking of 34 at one time and then executing them was a challenge. It was so fun to do and I had a blast.  I hope you are encouraged to do the same and that we all do this more often that it becomes second nature. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone had that mindset?


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