I do not heart folding and putting away clothes

I really do not mind doing the laundry it is the folding and putting away of clothes I hate. It really NEEDS to be done right now but my mind is not in the mood and my body refuses to move in that direction. Despite the fact that I have 2 baskets of Josh & Mercie clothes to put away and 2 baskets of my stuff to do and my large room is looking smaller by the minute I have spent the last hour or more making lists on my favorites bar of places  I think we need to try anytime we go out. Whether it is with my girlfriends or hubbie and I have made a list for things for the family to do. So far I have 21 night out locations and 9 family locations.

Is this a much better use of my time? I think so. However, my room is getting smaller by the minute as the baskets of clothes pile up. I am frankly just not motivated to do anymore house stuff. I would rather go on a vacation right now and be pampered. But, if I had the money to do just that I am sure I could hire out the help and therefore have time to do all the fun stuff I just researched and would not need a vacation.

The last 16 days have been long and we have 2 more to go . Despite the quick adjustment to J not being here and life going on it has been a busy 2 weeks. Schedules have been messed up and lots has gone on. J regularly will clean, mop, fold clothes and the like while I am running everyone around and doing the errands, even while he works. Him working from home has been great and part of the reason when he goes things are off a bit. He has always traveled but the last 2 years has been a lot less and it has been a long time since he has had such a long trip so it has been a bit of an adjustment  for everyone for the trip to go on so long. His mom was here for a week which was helpful and appreciated.

With school starting and pick up and drops off and just other things that were on the calendar and needing attention I have just about gone broke in the babysitters department. Not sure why but I added up the cost for that the last 16 days. $205 dollars, if mom in-law was not here it would have been $40 more, and only 1 time was a spoil me time. I went out to dinner with my best friend here and we had a nice 3 hour break from the mommy routine.

Mercie has paid greatly for all the busyness. With J working from  home her nap is rarely missed or messed up. But last week was not so great for her nap. One day was missed completely and that is not good for this lil girl. We all paid for it yesterday when it all caught up with her. Poor baby was just so out of sorts. I am debating calling the sitter for tomorrow night because I have a meeting at the girls school. Thought about asking a neighbor but I know we are all busy and the chance that would fall through may not go over well. Last week an offer to help fell through on the worst day for it to, it was rather frustrating, it caused Mercie to miss her nap and for a lil bit of a stressful day. I am just not sure I can take another one of those right now.

Well, this is not taking care of the laundry. Maybe I should google motivational talks and blogs to try to get motivated to tackle the clothes before my bed disappears.


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