A is for allergies

Allergy season for me has arrived. It seems to come at different times each year. The stuffy, runny and sneezy has knocked me out but not given me great sleep. So I am worn out and feel lethargic during the day. I am pretty for good for my workout and shower but after that cuddles on the couch from my kids is about all I am up for.

My weariness has caused dinner time to basically suck. I have food, lots of good food but trying to figure out what i really want to cook, prepare is not happening. So by 5 I am left to whats easy, quick and what will the kids eat without fuss. Of course, they are all thinking we should order out. I would love that. Would love someone to put away the lil ones clothes too. (I did get all the other clothes taken care of yesterday, and washed a few more loads so it does not look much different, just different clothes) When i explained you need money to order out I got the iconic kids response, “use your credit card” so I felt the need for a lil economic lesson then and there. Which was followed by an “aw shucks!” Exactly. Only if those cute lil money tress actually had money on them.

Feeling just plain unmotivated but if I had the time and resources I would jump to go shopping for a few new pieces of clothes and some creative project materials I want. I am quite sure that would knock the ick feelings from my shoulders and get me motivated once again.

So J and I have a date night Thursday. I have been going through the list of my 21 things to try to pick a new place. 21 is too many choices so I may throw all the choices in a hat and we draw one each time we go out. Then all we have to blame it on if it turns out bad is the luck of the draw.

Well I just looked up to see my ceiling fan that I turned off a while ago and saw thick dust covering the sides of the blades. I hate dust and especially that much dust. Since we have a dark wood fan the dust stands out! So i must go and get my fan cleaner….


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