he has almost 12 months

to get home… J’s trip home has once again been rescheduled. It is frustrating that it keeps changing. That does not go well for me, a type A, loves schedules and being on time person that I am. Although we never like him being gone from home and I don’t like the 1-3 major things that will break, happen while he is gone, we are used to the travel and long trips etc. I just don’t take it so easy when the return home keeps getting pushed back. Mainly because it is a last-minute thing. We really get so close to him being home, I mean real close 12-24 hours, (when you travel all over the place that is a close deadline) and I am already mentally welcoming him home. House is so clean, a great dinner is planned, a date night is set, a family activity is planned etc..etc…etc… Then I get the call.

J: hey how are ya doin’?

B: good and you?

J: not happy.

B: ok well how much longer are you staying?

J: I don’t know. (previous calls have had a date, this one did not)

So on a later phone call last night I just said well the next milestone is Joshua starting kinder…so it would be great if you were home for that. So you got about 12 months to get the stuff complete. He was not a big fan of my humor since he is so tired of the jumk he has had to deal with and he misses us. But as I told him no sense in complaining, does not help anyone so I might as well make jokes.

I think for future trips we will just change our mindset. Ignore the return part of travel plans and just part saying  “see ya sometime in the future.” The hard part of this has been when the kids keep asking about dad. I only have 2 that can just now emotionally and mentally understand why he is gone, why is still is not home and why we don’t know when he will be home. But that does not make the repetitive questions easier and it still does not heal the hurt in their hearts from missing dad. The last time he was gone this long was when my oldest was 4.

Disclaimer: For those military families please know how grateful and impressed I am with the sacrifice of you, your spouse who serves and your entire family. I know you go much longer than 3 weeks being separated. I come no where close to that or close to the sacrifices and life changes that you have to endure. I thank you for that and send love to you all. I am not trying to compare my frustrations to yours.


1 Response to “he has almost 12 months”

  1. September 8, 2010 at 7:07 AM

    I promise I did NOT ONCE roll my eyes when reading this post!!! I swear!!!! Must be because I love you and all of you… i knew what you were saying and I knew you were not comparing…. yes, it sucks him being away… the constant change is the hardest part!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

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