Answers are great, they equal solutions!

Some of you know I have had a list of “issues” things that were going on with me that were not me. For over 2 years I have been searching for why my arms go numb, why I cannot lose weight despite all my exercise (cardio & weights) and work with a dietician have done absolutely nothing, why I have extreme moods swings, feel depressed, long for energy, why my nails stopped growing, why I can’t remember anything anymore, why my sleep habits suck….and I could go on and on….. but I have seen quite a few docs, gone in with several blood tests hoping for them to fully read it and translate it and listen to my concerns and help me because none of the stuff above is me and never has been…until 2007.

Well today I had a follow-up with a doc I saw 2 months ago who finally listened. I have been on meds for thyroid disorder (finally, I knew I had an issue) and it has solved some things. I also had more blood drawn…and well I have almost no B12. You can search B12 deficiency and well almost all the symptoms are me. I am not far from having to go to the hospital for injections. Not enough B12 causes all sorts of stuff. It messes with sleep, energy, metabolism, memory, fatigue, nerve issues etc…etc… Now the thing that pisses me off is a blood test a year ago with another doc showed I was low in B12 but she never showed concerned said I was fine with that.

Anyway, today I walked out of the new docs office with prescriptions in hand. One to continue for my thyroid and B12…hopefully in 6 months when I go back all will have improved. Now to remember to take the B12 twice a day…I feel I need a pill-box. Ya know the kind that have the days and time of day written on there? With having to take 5 different meds each day maybe I need help…but I don’t think I am old enough to have to whip one out of my purse quite yet 🙂

Here’s to hoping to feel more like me and see improvements in may areas.


2 Responses to “Answers are great, they equal solutions!”

  1. September 10, 2010 at 6:51 AM

    Shut Up!!!!! I have a mini pill box for my medicine I have to take mid day…. just in case I am not home!!!! And I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me!!!!!! I guess that makes me old…. but it sure does help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay!!!!!!!! Answers!!!!!!!!!!! Um, and totally worth getting a shot if that is what you needed, huh????!!!!!!!

    LOOOOOOOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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