B12 the wonder vitamin

So yesterday was my first dose of B12. I had read that it worked instantly but found that hard to believe since getting rid of a headache takes at least 30  minutes. But I am a believer. I took the first dose at 1pm yesterday. I was out doing preschool pick up and feeling oh so sluggish as usual. Well I perked up right away, spent the afternoon playing with kids and some cleaning. Not laying on the couch ready for the end of the day and dreading having to get up do dinner and bedtime.

Last night I fell asleep quickly and slept so well. I woke up at 7 and since I have been no stop, except for the 45 minutes I chatted to my sis on the phone. I cleaned our kitchen tile grout cinderella style with baking soda, and a scrub brush on my knees. After the scrubbing it had to be mopped 3 times after the shop vac cleaning to get all the residue left by the baking soda. Such nice bright, clean floors now. Plus, I mopped the other floors on the first floor, scrubbed my bath, did all the laundry, washed the 2 dogs, had a great 42 minute speed workout on the treadmill and did dinner and baths. I feel great, don’t feel like I did all that work. Previously, all that work would have been spread over the entire week. It is almost 7 PM and I am not tired, exhausted or worn out.

I feel better all around. My sis said she was going to ask how it was all going but assumed I felt great and that it was working since I was talking fast and not sounding exhausted. Mom said she hasn’t heard me sound that good in a long while. It is quite exciting to be doing better and feeling good!

So if you feel weak, fatigued, depressed, anxious, tingle and numb in your limbs, not feeling as sharp mentally get your B12 checked first! Because my guess is that would be the culprit.

As hubbie says energizer bunny seems to be back!


2 Responses to “B12 the wonder vitamin”

  1. 1 etcdesign
    September 12, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    can B12 also be called speed?????? OH EM GE!!!!! I am so excitedly happy for you!!!!! Sounds as if you have found the culprit and have hopefully conquered it!!!! Stupid Drs for not getting this right a long time ago…. but, that’s in the past… move on, and continue to feel GREAT!!!!!!!

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