The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans.

I love to shop.

I hate to try on clothes.

I like to get a good deal and not spend a lot of money.

I have 6 pairs of jeans in my closet I am not happy with. I am sure some have shrunk, some don’t stay up after an hour and some I just look like a bum in, they are not flattering at all. But all make me feel yucky in one way of another.

I have asked many ladies, what jeans they wear and why they like them, how they hold up and if they really are worth the cost. Many times I have said “Egads $100+ for 1 pair”. Well with the weather turning cooler and the fact I just cannot wear what is in my closet headed to the mall today. To hunt for jeans. To try on many styles, brands etc….I had a friend with me to be my fashion critic. I knew she would be straight up and brutal about how they looked.

Here is what I found out.

1. I am too short for many jeans. Not sure I really what to spend $ on alterations and cutting off half the leg after paying $$$ for the jeans.

2. (Well I knew this already) Not all sizing is equal. I know my waist measurements and based on that I could wear size 8-14 depending on the brand. Mentally buying pricey jeans in a large size only impacts you negatively.

3. They way I think I look does not equate to how I really look. I think I look  much worse than what others think…I think.

4. If they look good, feel good, make you feel good about you don’t look at the tag or receipt.

If I was a bit braver I might just post a pic of my in the jeans and get feedback but I am not that brave…to let myself be available to all sorts of commentary from anyone.

I will keep the tags on and show to a few more friends and hubbie before I fully commit.

The jeans I got are  Bootheel Trading Company. I did get some capris from Not Your Daughters Jeans. They have some bling on the bum I really love. I really like the NYDJ but they are soo long on me…I don’t have high enough heels to wear, they would have to be altered so much.

I am not done hunting for the perfect pair of jeans. The perfect pair would have to be the right length w/o alterations, comfy, holds up, no shrinkage, feel good on, can eat in them, and gotta look at least a lil sexy. Tell me what brand you love and why and I will go give them a try.


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