I still have a party chandelier hanging in the living room…

I have a project in the garage completed halfway…

I have taken over the dining room with things I need to work on but have not started…

I have clean, now very wrinkly, laundry in my room, still in the baskets…

Right after I cleaned my floors yesterday Mercie dumped a bottle of powder all over the floor, walked in it and then left white footprints all over the rest of the house…

Today she poured OJ all over the entertainment center and lapped it up like a dog, the floor is sticky…

I have had to hide all the fruit in the fridge and hunt fruit flies. I swear when you kill one 2 more appear out of nowhere. I so dislike those lil things flying around.

I am working on 2 parties because I just can’t seem to finish one before I start another.

I signed up to help with something at the school because if I did not several kids would miss out on a great experience but I forgot have to get it going….until I got an email…

We ate Chick-fil-A last night because I just couldn’t bring myself to cook..I have thought about eating out all week. Since J is gone it w ould make the kids happy and less work for me but I can’t stomach eating out that much.

I need to finish something I have started, and soon. I love my life but sometimes I feel why bother when the results don’t long enough for the floor to dry…I would love a vacation right now.


1 Response to “undone”

  1. 1 etcdesign
    October 24, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    are you my twin???? you know I do so much better work when I have at least two projects going at the same time….. it stresses me out to no end…. but all the work is awesome!!!!!

    It’s just the way we roll…. got our front room clean, even “mopped” the floors…. just don’t go in my closet….. it’s a danger zone!!!!

    Boys are walking in…. wonder how clean it will stay!?

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