Answers are clear as mud

Yesterday was my procedure day. I had to have an upper GI endoscopy and a colonoscopy. I don’t remember anything and I had a great nap. Although the 2 days prior were horrible and exhausting. I could not finish the prep solution, my body all out rejected it. Anyway, it needed to be done for some issues I was having and I was hoping some clear-cut answers from it but did not really get any. I have 2 more tests to do next week, luckily they do not involve much.

Turns out I have gastritis, some small ulcers in my stomach and some superficial erosion. On top of all that my stomach does not empty like it should, this is the hardest thing to adjust to. I can only eat very little at one time and I cannot drink while I eat. I may feel like I need more food but my stomach cannot handle it. Over the last month I learned through trial and error there are several foods I can no longer eat. Unless I want to be in pain and blow up like a blimp. The ulcers could be from a bacteria and antibiotics can correct that. (I am hoping for that). Or they could be from who knows what, stress, foods…. they are doing a biopsy to see if there is any colitis and I should know sometime next week.

Anyway, there is no real solid diagnosis so that leaves no real plan. Until then I am going to do my best to stay with a bland diet so things heal. Try to drink enough between my many lil meals and remember not to drink while I eat…which I have always done.

The real issue is I don’t always embrace changes, I love food, I love flavor and spice and I hate feeling full while my body feels like it needs more.


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