Hannah’s Birthday Blessings

Tuesday Hannah turns 8. So this weekend we are working in her birthday blessings. She has made her list of 8 ways she is going to bless others. This task has been harder for her than it was for Taylor. But after some brainstorming and explaining she has a final list.

1. make her brother and sisters bed.

2. go through her clothes and toys and donate to a shelter.

3. use her money to buy food for the local food bank.

4. use her money to buy some blankets and donate to a homeless shelter.

5. be moms helper all day with whatever I need.

6. make mom and dads bed.

7. make a craft bag for her friend down the street.

8. make a poster for her BFF that tells her why she is such a great friend.

Later today we are all going bowling, Hannah is bringing her BFF and then going to Bucca for dinner and home for a Tinkerbell cake and ice cream.


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