Corn is evil

Ok so I have an answer to possibly some of my issues. I still have 2 more appointments and they could reveal answers to other symptoms or not.

I had food allergy testing done yesterday. I am very positive to walnuts. I love them in salads but I cannot eat lettuce unless I want to be in horrible pain…but it explains why Hannah has a tree nut allergy when we thought no one else in the fam did. Hers is the dangerous kind though.

My other allergy, well potential. CORN. I have to do a corn elimination diet for a week then add it back heavily and see how I feel. so I know what you are thinking, that’s not so bad, it is not like gluten or wheat or dairy. No it is not it is WORSE. A corn free diet consists of zero forms of corn and its direvitives. Corn is in everything!!!! Corn starch, corn meal, corn syrup, most sweeteners, filler, maltodextrin…I mean the list is huge. I printed out 3 pages 2 column pages of things to avoid of all those ingredients you have no idea what it is. Things like Sorobitan monooleate, cyclodextrin etc…then 2 pages of specific foods and I made a 2 p age list of brands of foods that are safe. Corn is in laundry detergent, lotions, soaps, make up, personal items, stamps, envelopes….it is ridiculous. Oh and then there is the animals who are fed corn, they are out….

Corn is  a non digestible product. A fake food. A freakin nightmare. Organic won’t mean no corn products all the time.

This is a life changer. I won’t be able to eat out, eating at someone else’s house would be impossible to unless they go and buy the safe things to prepare the meals. No whole bean coffee that I grind, they polish beans with cornstarch.

My head is so full, so much info I cannot process and stress from the huge changes etc…I have so much more to learn it is overwhelming. I will probably have to change the grocery stores I shop at, drive farther and spend more $$ on the right foods. I contacted a cattle ranch today to see what they feed their cows…I may have to start buying meat direct from the ranchers.

If you create a “food” from an unnatural process why would  one eat it?? But that is what our government has done and they subsidize corn growers and feed houses etc…I betcha corn allergies will be as prominent as peanut allergies in the near future. Look at dairy allergies…what do they feed the cows? CORN!!!


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