That is what I am calling all the things that make sense now since learning of my corn allergy. Hubbie came  up with the word. Although he says he is not tired of hearing me talk about it, it would not surprise me if he does a fist pump when that is not the topic of conversation.

So, the half marathon on 1/31. I did great for the first 6-7 miles, fastest pace then I got sick, became bloated, joints were hurting, had a headache, could not focus. Why the change? Well about mile 5.5 I ate a GU…when Istarted feeling worse I grabbed Gatorade at the next water station. Both are loaded with corn! All my symptoms, classic forms of an allergy. I stayed bloated for days, my joins hurt for a week. I knew i was really bloated when my neighbor came by to see me that same day and said “what the heck is wrong with you, you are huge” Gotta love honest neighbors 🙂

Weeks before I had to have a endo/colonoscopy. For those who are not familiar with the procedures you have to be cleaned out. Think eating an entire box of laxatives. I mixed miralax with Gatorade…. well 2 days before drinking this lovely concoction you don’t eat. So what did I do I loaded up on high fructose corn syrup on an empty stomach. This explains the horrid and violent vomiting that happened.

Then there is the obvious. Ok well not for you to see now. I have to search to see if I have pictures that would be good befores because the afters are amazing. My sis was floored when i sent her a pic of me….her hubbie was too. That made me feel good, it was proof it was not all in my head.

well I am sure there will be more to come.


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