Life and 100% homemade

Life is busy, whose isn’t? But now that almost EVERYTHING I eat has to be homemade it seems busier. No conveinance anymore. Yesterday morning I had to make a lemon pepper seasoning, get it in the oven to dry out all day so I could use it that night. Then later I remade some cookies so I could have a sweet since the 1st batch turned out nasty. After that I had to make a greek seasoning for dinner to and an italian dressing. None of it hard but all of it time-consuming. AND I had a fabulous, tasty mediterranean meal. So worth it!!

However, it is 1:30 and I have no dinner plans tonight. This is now a problem. Before it was not. Before it was order out, or make sandwiches. Not sure what I am going to do.

My grocery lists are longer since I have to buy ingredients to make seasonings like yesterday or my own condiments and dressings. Tomorrow is grocery day and I will probably be there for 2+ hours. Still learning what I can buy etc….may be a while until I have it down. Then saturday I hit the farmers market. FUN!!!

This morning I noticed that my skin is beautiful. I did not have an acne or other break out issues when on corn but it was never fully, 100% clear, like silk. Not that I had pimples but it was an uneven, not baby butt smooth. Yet, today it is. THings are still amazing me as to what corn is in, how things have changed etc.

Hubbie has been home for a week and it home for another week. That is a record for 2011. And other exciting news is looks like we get a 4 day kid free trip to VA next month. THe 2 days before we leave for that I get a weekend w/o hubs or kids. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather has been great here and I have been caught up in being outside I have been neglecting mom, wife work and party work. Thus why I have not blogged in a bit.

I had to share this picture…we have a ton of blankets in a basket near the couch, so I am not sure if Mercie did not want to get one or she thinks this is cozier. I can only imagine the crumbs and other crap she is laying on. It has been awhile since I vacuumed the couch.


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