my girls remind me of when my sisters and I played

If you have a sibling chances are at some point you have shared a space, whether it be a room, the back seat of a car or a play area. So I bet there was a time when you divided the space and drew a line that was not to be crossed, creating “your” space and “their” space. I have 3 siblings, 2 sisters. My older sister and I shared a room most of the time, we are only 13 months apart, but there were times when all 3 of us shared a room. We even shared a bed at times and so we had many opportunities to draw that imaginary line and tell each other “stay on your side!” We did this when we wanted our own space, when we got tired of cleaning up each others mess and when we hated to share our things.

Taylor and Hannah share a room and earlier this week I found this….

So ignore the mess. Look at the colored pencils. See the lines? The dividing of the room? I love how they made pathways since they have to get to the closet and their desk. They did this a few days ago and it is still intact. Cracks me up! I love it.

It brings back so  many memories when my sisters and I would do that and other things we did for play. We use to take all the pillows and books and build houses for us. We built kitchen appliances in our lil house so we could cook with all our pots and pans we had. For a time we lived near a lot of pine trees and when they shed their needles we gathered them and made outlines of houses in the yard. We would bring toys out to put in the rooms so we could remember where the kitchen or bedrooms were. We loved gathering needles and making lines to build whatever we thought up and would play for hours. I am pretty sure to this day if I was near a bunch of pine needles I would be building something, even if for nostalgia sake. I would love to show my kids what we did.

I just love wathcing my kids play and I am smiling most of the time remembering how I played with my sister and brother!


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