April already?!

I cannot believe it is April already. Our April is busy so I know it is going to be May real soon…May is busy too so June will be here in no time.

This month is family visits, retirement ceremonies, traveling, birthday parties for friends and we are hosting an Easter dinner and Egg Hunt. So excited for that. Today I have worked on some Easter decorations. This month I hope to start with a personal trainer. I am so excited. My bestie, Thais, is planning to start too, so if the gal we talked to works out we will go together. Funny thing is we talked to her separately without knowing the other did as well. I just love how things like that work out.

Jason is home and no travel plans for a bit. Maybe a day in Houston but we don’t really count that as travel. I have been so happy to be out running again on the road, on a regular basis. My time has been fast and I feel strong. All those squats and kicks I was doing when I did not run have paid off.

For May we are looking forward to the end of school and seeing family. Not to mention I have a few parties I am planning then traveling to put on. That is always exciting. The kids are so excited to stay with mimi and papa for 2 weeks this summer, but I think I might be more excited. While our house is kid free I may have a big girl slumber party. Chatting with my bestie Amy, we can chat for hours on end, we thought we might as well have a sleepover. Open up great wine and hang out, no kiddos to bathe, put to bed etc….

Well, I have had a long and busy day. Time to unwind………….


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