My crazy life….

I am so tired. I am worn out and a bit stressed, probably more anxiety. But I am also looking forward to a lil mommy vacay. we have been crazy busy around here between school stuff, dealing with parents who feel lice is no big deal, don’t take care of it or are stupid and so it comes to our house since they do not clean their kids heads and send them to school. Not to mention the school policy sucks. I don’t care that it is not harmful but the nuisance of it is stressful, expensive, time-consuming etc..etc…

So glad I am going on a girls getaway for 2 days before seeing our BFF family and celebrating and crying together over retirement and a new life phase. We will see some friends I have not seen since I was prego with Taylor and it will be an exciting week. However, since I won’t be checking my kids heads I fear the worst.

I have been making grad party invitations, they look great are awesome but time-consuming. I made 7 in 1 hour. I have 15 more to do.

As far as the corn allergy I have had to change my milk and now my eggs and chicken. All pasture raised products. For my gals weekend I have to take my own food…it will all be a learning lesson as to what I can eat when I am not at home. It may be all veggies and fruit for a few days.

Time sure is flying…after my lil vacay I have to get invitations in the mail for the grad party, order decor for the party and make some, we are hosting an Easter lunch and Egg Hunt. I will have my last MOPS meeting, I am stepping down and passing the torch of leadership and a great night out on the town with my gals before it is hardcore grad party mode and get things together before I have to go to AL/MS for 3 different parties.

Whew! I am worn out.

The girls report cards were awesome! Hannah had all A’s, 3 were perfect 100’s she has kept all year. Taylor had only 1 B, the rest A’s. They were so proud to have done so well.

Joshua and Mercie  are doing great also…growing too fast and Mercie is just a cute, funny lil ball of energy.

Well it is off to finish housework and get things in order for J and the kids while I am away!


1 Response to “My crazy life….”

  1. 1 Coleman
    April 24, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    Corn is the devil!! Why is it in everything? How do they even put corn in eggs?
    7 in one hour sounds like a record!!
    Yay for high maintenance clients!!

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