Happy Mothers Day!

My day started with breakfast in bed šŸ™‚

Then I got this….

Now, getting a watch is a big deal for me. It makes me happy and nervous all at the same time. Sometime after Joshua was born I killed watches. I cannot keep a brand new battery alive for longer than 24 hours. I have tested this a few times, different watch, new battery and notating how long itĀ lived. For a time, a very short time, IĀ kept a perpetual Rolex working. Then it died. Left everyone puzzled. So I gave up on watches.Ā But I love watches, Ā I like the weight of them, the beauty and I love having the time handy.

Well, my new watch is a CitizenĀ Eco-Drive. It is powered by the sun and artificial light. Since there is plenty of both our hope is I will not kill it.

So after breakfast and reading all my homemade cards I was directed up stairs to the new additions of my workspace.

See all the new drawers?Ā I LOVE them! I just completed organizing things and getting rid of my carts. I still have things to bring up from the pot closet but I am all settled and love my new area. I am in love with the clean lines and neatness of it all. You can’t see though the drawers and they hold quite a bit of stuff.

Then we were off to church. It was a good service. We tried to eat out afterwards but with my allergy it is hard to go to a place that works with the 4 kiddos.

I hope all of you had a great day!


1 Response to “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. 1 Coleman
    May 9, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    The new work space is so nice!!!! Missing you here in Alabama…

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