Full House

Last Thursday Amanda. Lee and kids showed up! They are staying with us and looking for a place to live during the weekends. We have a full house, lots of kids, noise and mess. Prior to knowing they were coming out we scheduled a sleepover for Taylor’s bday with 2 of her friends. Friday came around and at 6 am I woke up to rock baby Charlie back to sleep as Jason, Lee and Amanda left for Houston. The 8 children stayed here. T & H went to camp for half of the day…me and 6 kids went to Target to get sleepover party stuff. At 5 Taylor’s girlfriends came over and the other adults were MIA until 9-9:30 Friday night. I was worn out. Then Saturday night J and I watched all the kids so Amanda and Lee could go ona  date. Sunday I got a much-needed nap and early bedtime.

In all of that we celebrated Taylor’s 10th birthday. it was low-key, I just made a banner and bought festive plates, made her fav foods and the girls played the Wii dance games and watched movies.

This week is VBS and we are up early with busy mornings.


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