crazy gets crazier

This has been a difficult few days. nothing terrible, nothing emergency related, no bad news and nothing of the like.

Ever have a hard time with people? I am sure each of us have. Anyway, finding a healthy way to navigate somethings have been difficult and I am not sure of the right path. I know it will come to me but it has put a toll on me for quite sometime right now. I am unsure of what to say about it really, so you just get my vague ramblings.

But on to other news….

We also have all the craziness of school getting ready to gear up; haircuts, appointments, shopping, getting back to an early bedtime routine…I am looking forward to it all. Next week is going to be fun. Coleman moves in at UT. We will get some time to hang out and help him move in and allow Em to leave in peace knowing her baby has been left in good hands when he needs a home away from home. J and I are excited about his year.

THEN, a week or so after school starts sis and fam will be here, living with us! Yes, living with us….for a time as they look for a place to live checking out the schools and neighborhoods they feel the best in. So our house will be full and fuller. I am clearing out closets and space so sis and Coleman have ample storage space for the extra clothes and things they will need. It should be fun! I am looking forward to all my kids being in school. (Mercie goes 3days/week). I am glad to have plenty of time to run errands and other mommy work stuff while they are in school so I can fully be with them when they are home. I also cannot wait for grabbing lunch downtown, shopping with Coleman and all the other crazy things we do! The kids are excited he will be here too!! I think spanish lessons will begin soon by teacher Coleman 🙂

I am looking forward to having my sis around and the cousins bonding more and to be able to bond with her kids as well. It will all me an adjustment, I am expecting it to be fun, crazy, loud, tough, easy, and everything in between.

In work news, summer vacay needs to be over and I need to get crackin on some parties….the lack of routine has made it more difficult to get going 🙂


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