My Facebook Issues and a few other things….

“Facebook can be a dangerous place. Reunions that never needed to happen, Cyber stalking, a false intimacy, and lack of accountability can leave us relationally handicapped.”

I saw this on Casting Crowns Facebook page. I completely agree with this.

Facebook is great for reconnecting, sharing info with the masses and keeping in touch with those you love that do not live close to you. However, does anyone really need the 900 friends on their friends list? How many are really friends? Do you know all of them well enough to let them in your home? I highly doubt it. I have contemplated for a while now defriending many of mine and completely blocking a few. What Facebook is not good at is communication. Too many hide behind the safety of their computer screen and say whatever they want and it probably would not have been said if they were in front of the person(s) they were talking to. Not many know the real art of conversation anymore. It is more about what you don’t say than what you do say. Not every thought in our head needs to be spoken or typed for anyone to hear or read. Frankly, I laugh at all the status updates like ” Little Johnny is watching Oswald and I am doing laundry.” and the like. I have seen quite a few people who only post such things. I prefer to read the status updates that are about what you think about the elections, any news story, parenting etc…

How many calls do you get these days? I don’t get many unless its spam calls. I would prefer to be called by my friends than to be Facebooked or texted. So impersonal. So lazy. I have also thought about blocking certain individuals from my phone, maybe that would force them to have an actual conversation with me or just leave me alone. I know I sound a bit cranky and some of you might even get your panties in a wad. I know many who live according to Facebook and would die if they did not receive or send texts. I do love texting. I text with many but they do not live in my state. I know life is busy and a quick text is easier than a phone call . However, if you live near me I prefer a call or visit. Now I am not completely innocent here. I have had text conversations with neighbors but I also have people who only text me and they live down the street. Really? I guess I don’t warrant the energy for more of a relationship. That is totally fine. I am quite picking about those I let close to me. Some who have even been close have had to be let go for one reason or another but it was always for the best. The relationship became toxic plus I don’t need the high school drama crap that most adults love to live in.

The last month or so I have been struggling with yet another relationship. This one is just going to have to fizzle out and it may take quite a bit of time. It will all be awkward when it comes to a head and I am sure my reason will never be understood. But the situation is not healthy. This was my Facebook status a couple of days ago and it sums it up. “The decisions I make today are because of who I want my children to be when I am not around and who they will be in 2 weeks, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years. Parenting cannot be done right when you live by the moment and do not think beyond bed time or tomorrow.” Situations are hard to see for what they really are when you are in the middle of the junk and if you truly do not want the right kind of help you will never see what others see looking in. It is all kind of sad but safety of my family trumps many things.

A slower life and plenty of family time, girlfriend time and get togethers would be divine. One day I am going to find a huge plot of land and build my own compound. My family, whether blood related or the family I chose, will be able to live there. Close tight, loving community and we all get along already…no drama, no toxic crap.


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