First Day of School in Pictures

I am now ready to talk about the kids first day of school and show you all my favorite pictures.

Taylor, Hannah, and Joshua LOVE school. They have all had a great week. Mercie’s first day was today. She could barely contain herself and was so excited. Last night when I tucked her in she asked if she was going to be able to stay at her school. When i took the older ones to school she was ready to go and thought she would be dropped off right after her siblings.

I did well all morning until I got to her class room. The assistant teacher asked me how I was doing and it went down hill from there. I composed myself gave Mercie some love and ran out of the room and lost it. It was not pretty. I sat in my car and got it out, so I thought. Then I called Jason and was fine until he answered the phone…gathered myself again and drove to Thais’s house and cried again. Then it was out of my system. I enjoyed the distraction of chatting with Thais and Emerson. Mercie had a blast at school!!

Here is our first days in pictures!! First day of Kindergarten, last year of elementary school and a first first day of school.

The above picture is what did me in…

It looks to be a great year. All the kiddos have great teachers!!!


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