the weekend

It has been a good weekend. Jason came home! Excitement filled the house!!!! As I am blogging I hear the football games in the background and the quietness of the house as all our kids now after church it is nothing but football and laziness. I cannot wait for cooler temps so we can snuggle on the couch.

Friday was a fun day. It was my marathon shopping trip, 4 grocery stores. Coleman shopped with me….not sure if we have a memory that does not include grocery shopping of some kind at some point. After buying a pantry full and 2 fridge/freezer full of food we went to a consignment store after the kids got out of school. We filled the place, Coleman, myself, Amanda and our 8 kids. I was pretty sure the kids would be bored to tears but no, you would a thought we took them to Disney World. We all loved that store. I picked up a few things, Coleman got a few more…and soem to send to Emily. (cannot wait till her next visit and we go there together) Amanda took pictures of things to go back and get….oh so much fun. I have a new, large fleur d lies and a captains bell I now ring to summon the kids downstairs. They love it and it is fun to ring! Beyoncé was at the store, several Beyoncé’s actually. YOu can read about Beyoncé here I came across this blog a few months back and this was the first post I read. I laughed so hard i cried. I read it over and over again and I have read it over and over since then when I need a laugh. I promptly sent it to Emily. Why? Well because it is so something we would have done. I have been on the lookout for a perfect Beyoncé for my house. I plan to plop her next to the front door and decorate her neck for each holiday. She can greet our visitors nicely. I may even buy lil Beyonce babies for the front garden…I am so excited that the consignment store down the street now has a variety to choose from.

After our field trip we were all starving. So Coleman and I whipped up a double batch of Bowtie Festival. Today I just realized I used penne pasta and not the bowtie pasta….so I guess we really had penne festival. Why Coleman did not catch it I dunno….we both saw me buy the bowties. Oh well guess I will have to have bowtie chicken and not the regular penne chicken dish later. I think this was Coleman’s’ first real corn free meal. It was funny to watch, food is very serious for him yet I think he had a spiritual moment as well. I sent some back to the dorm for him, sure hope he actually ate it and has not been sleeping with it.

Coleman licking the spoon before the clean up process could begin.

We talked about a gourmet BLT…I made one yesterday for lunch, Snapped a pic and sent it to him and guess what I made for lunch today? I need another name for it because there is no L on my BLT. It is a peppered bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and parm-reggiano cheese on toasted bread with seasoned sour cream, cream cheese blend. Can you say YUMMOOO!!! I may never eat a traditional BLT again.

 This is the BLT that torutred Coleman yesterday. He was in choir camp all day and I sent the pick to him…letting him know I was eating it and it was beyond fabulous.

Well off to work on a very cool project! Have a great Sunday!



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