Full House

Sometimes I think it would be funny to have video documentation of our life, but I am not sure many would find it as entertaining as I do.

This week we have a full house. Hannah is getting baptized tomorrow so mama and daddy are here. Daddy is going to baptize her. Don’t forget Amanda’s clan is staying with us too. So we are up to 14 people in our home. Tonight Coleman is staying with us too. We will have 4 girls in a room, Amanda, Lee and their town boys in a room. Mama and daddy in the loft and Coleman with my 2 lil ones in a room. I say getting ready for church tomorrow will be interesting. maybe I should make a schedule 🙂

After church we will have 8 more people coming to our party for Hannah. So now wer are up to 23 people for lunch, 12 are kids. Oh and rain is in the forecast. I hope we get all the rain today and it is clear for tomorrow so the kids can run and eat outside. At least lunch will be a simple meal!

Regardless, of how it turns out I am so excited for the weekend and what we are celebrating. So glad everyone can be here with us.

Amanda and crew will be leaving us and moving into their new home in a week and a half. I know they are so ready to be there, just the 6 of them and have their own space. I’d be lying if I said I am not looking forward to a quieter house. But they will be missed and it will be odd to get use to not having them here. It was nice to have sis here when Jason was traveling so much. I know the kids loved having constant playmates and it was fun to listen to them play. We look forward to visiting them and exploring their neck of the woods in the near future.



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