life seems to be in a whirlwind lately. Since school started we have not stopped moving. Between J’s dad being sick, him going to heaven, the memorial service, Amanda and kids living with us, them moving out, company, neighbor drama that makes me want to sell the house, all things school related, me getting a lil job and still trying to finish my book I don’t know when to take a deep breath some days.

I am glad to have my house back, thankful for quieter dinner and less cleaning. I know I will probably miss Amanda this week while Jason is gone. It was nice to have her here with as much as he was on the road.

Saturday I spent the morning in cookbooks trying to make 2 menu’s; Thanksgiving and Dinner Party. I did not expect ot find as many things that I want to make as I did. Now I need to narrow it down, a lot. It will be no turkey for me this year along with many other dished I cannot eat anymore.  I am sort of OK with that but I am sure it will get worse come turkey day and I get to see and smell the yummy goodness of what others are eating.

Did I tell you I have another blog? Go check it out: The Corn Free Kitchen. You can find it on Facebook and twitter too!

Let’s see what else….

Oh Hannah gets and expander and some braces this week. I am sure that is going to create more drama and fun times in our house.

I have tackled a few Christmas presents. That is good news. I try so hard to be doen by Thanksgiving.

off to do laundry….I think we all need a few clean things this week.


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