UGH! Sometimes I wish I was not as emotional or easily affected. Other times I love that about me. In all honesty and in being completely vulnerable and transparent I have always required approval and encouragement from others. I am far better than when I was younger and many times am very confident in my abilities. It is when I venture to something new that I get cold feet and want to quickly quit so there is no rejection or disapproval to hear.

I have been working on a project that could get a lot of feed back from others by nature of the project. It could also get positive feedback. I am sure there will be plenty of both but I would not be surprised if it would be more of the negative and quite frankly I struggle with separating the negative feedback from others from how they view me. To me it feels all the same, it’s all wrapped up in the same package.

Tonight I am just having one of those thoughts about continuing my project. I have been reading about what I am working on and listening to others struggles and thoughts. I was called out by one of them as she did not like something I said. So that got me in my current thinking pattern about whether I press on and work at handling any negative crap and be ok with it… Yes, I do and yes I will. Too bad there is not a medicine to cure the butterflies and be immune to others negativity.

Thanks for listening, ok well reading…..


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