Sleep, over rated, right?!

Apparently I do not need sleep…

I may have gotten more sleep when my children were infants, except for when Hannah was. It was a good year I went without sleep due to her inability to sleep alone and not on my neck. Mercie comes to our bed on occasion, mostly when J is not home. She is like me, sleeps in the middle, a bed hog. Yet in our KING size bed the middle is the middle of my pillow. So that means I am pushed to the edge of the bed. I can move her over but she always ends up right back underneath me pretty much. If I move she takes any space I may have made. That was the case last night. She brought Mickey & Minnie to bed, the small version of Minnie not her 4 foot tall one, thank goodness. Several times I got a mouse to the eye, she also wraps her legs around mine.

Oh and we had thunderstorms last night…at 2 I heard it in the distance, they are still going; HUGE and loud thunder, so much wind and constant lightning. Surprised that the others kiddos did not wake up. But then we have the dogs. Princess is deaf and blind and apparently lost all her senses. She has always been the one to freak out with storms but she stayed in the living room and snored all night, loudly. Willie on the other hand paced in my rooms. Clicking and clacking of his nails on the floor…so I thought. I finally leaned over the bed to see what the noise was all about, I have been too lazy any time before, he sat at the side of the bed and pawed it. As if he wanted to get on the bed. He never slept in our bed…it was odd but obviously he was scared. Anyway he stayed on the floor I was not about to have a dog lay on my chest all night.

My other get in the way of sleep issue was my arms. I am determined to have nice muscular cuts in my arms. Ya know a good pair of guns? So I have been workin the crud out of my biceps, triceps and shoulders. They are still sore from the dumbbell work out on Monday, especially my shoulder. But I was not going to give up my few inches in the bed to grab an Aleve or too. And today I may make it worse but you have to work out the soreness right so I will be pumping that iron again today!

As I lay in bed wide awake from 2 am to 4:45 am (love that I dozed for an entire hours before waking up again just 45 minutes before having to officially get up) I decided I need an Ipad. My laptop is too big to have next to the bed so I can “write” in my waking when I should be sleeping hours. My phone is too small. Although I love them both and they are RED I figure I could keep an Ipad on the night stand and lay in bed easily and write about all the great things I think of in the middle of the night. I had a notebook but lacked the pen and again the few inches I had in the bed was more important than getting up for a pen. So if you feel the need to throw this girl the dough for an ipad or just give up yours I am willing to receive since my amazing job I love doing does not pay in cash.

The fact that today is an early release day for the kiddos makes the no sleep thing even better. Yup, take to school at 7:30, preschool drop off at 9:30, run to store since I am out of coffee, drop items promised to a friend off, pick up kids at 12, preschool pick up and 1:30, get Taylor from after school thing at 1:45 equals no nap. It may be more likely that I crash on the couch only to been awakened but all the “can I” questions my four can conjure up and maybe to settle a disagreement.

Ok so it may sound all negative or that I do not enjoy my life. I do thoroughly enjoy it and love staying home with the kids and caring for our beautiful house. I am just being real here. There is no sugar-coating on it…why try I don’t believe those who sugar coat their lives so I won’t mine….


2 Responses to “Sleep, over rated, right?!”

  1. January 25, 2012 at 8:23 PM

    Sweet Auntie!!!! I’m so sorry about the sleep. The storm was super intense on campus trying to break the windows on my room. I’ll say a little prayer you get some better rest tonight. Send those kids to bed early tonight!

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