For those that do not know I have dyslexia. I have what is called Sensitive Scotopic Syndrome. In short it is a light sensitivity issue and I use a colored lenses to read and over my computer. I cannot read for long periods of time, I read in dim light and I do not comprehend what I read unless I read it over and over again. I also struggle with hearing/understanding what is being said in a noisy place…but know that noise for me is as small as someone else talking while I am trying to listen to another person. I struggle with hearing, separating the sounds. In really noisy places I can only take so much before I have anxiety and have to leave. When my children try to talk to me at one time I cannot process it. So wish the speak one at a time rule was something they followed regularly.

Anyway, we have been blessed that Taylor and Hannah have absolutely no signs of it. I am not certain Joshua does or does not have signs but some things have my radar on high alert with it. As I read about all the new testing and research they are doing on dyslexia and what they are saying are early warning signs I am trying not to march into the school daily and demand all kinds of new tests that they probably have no idea about.

I am also trying to be realistic. School has come easy for the girls, they love it. They learned to read early and quickly. Because Joshua has not picked it up so quickly does not mean he has dyslexia. But mama bear does not want to find out a few years from now he does and that he has lost interest or is so frustrated like I was that we have not only the dyslexia hill to climb but the other hills of overcoming frustration and disappointment.

I met with his teacher and his SRP (supplemental reading program) teacher regularly to discuss my concerns and check on progress. His SRP teachers’ hubbie has dyslexia and so does one of her daughters so there is comfort with knowing she has firsthand experience. But I read about a new test that can determine in preschoolers if they have dyslexia or not and frankly I want it for Joshua, if anything to relieve worry. It is a brain scan and they have figured out that certain areas in the brain do not light up in children and adults with dyslexia. The hope is that after all the research and other testing anyone can one day walk into their pediatrician’s office and have this test done.

Josh shows a few signs he may struggle with dyslexia but he is also improving very well so it is a hard call at this point…dyslexia or just needing extra help….things like rhyming, certain letter sounds and putting some letter sounds together come with a struggle and lots of concentration for Joshua…

I will meet with his SRP teacher in a week or so and will see how his testing has been going and continue the dialog about my concerns and family history.


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