kiddie rollercoaster

It has been a week with my new plan from the doc and new meds. It seems to be working out. I have had 3 days out of the 8 I have been more on edge, emotional. It is a far cry from before. I call it the kiddie coaster, it is quite different from the ups and downs I felt like before. It is amazing how sleep heals and restores. It is also amazing how we adjust to the lack or abundance of sleep and think it is fine and normal. Little do we know what normal is until it is changed.

Sis and crew were here this week. We had a nice relaxing, fun week. Some shopping, lots of cooking and making things. We made 2 ice cream flavors and 5 jars of pickles, plus breads and such. Sis and I got to go out TWICE! (I cannot remember when that has happened, between 8 kids and hubbies who golf….) Once with just the 2 older girls for some shopping and then once just me and sis. It was fun and we had a great day.

Tomorrow our schedule starts again….we will see how I do getting up and 5 for my run and making it through the day. My lil man’s 6th bday is Wednesday! I cannot believe we moved into our house almost 6 years ago. Our unpacking helpers were 13 and 11 at the time. I have had 1 kiddo since and my sis has had 2! Anyway, his party is Saturday and I am looking forward to our company for the weekend, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man and Dre 🙂 Josh is having a Green lantern Party and he invited the Justice League!!!!

Taylor lost 2 teeth last night. Those molars are just falling out…. it is crazy. Hannah’s mouth has changed so much with her spacer then her braces, she doesn’t look the same in some ways. Mercie well, she is 3 and full of girlie, drama and sass. I cannot believe school is not far from being over. I know it will go by fast. It’s hard for me after spring break, I enjoy the lazy schedule and just want it to be that way a bit longer.





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