Sunday as I drove to a meeting I listened to public radio. I do not normally listen to it since my children have very difficult times being quiet. Instead, if the radio is on music plays so we all can sing along. But, my big boys, Coleman and Jackson, were here this weekend and they used my car and set it on that station.


Mama & Daddy

Anyway, on my drive all I could think of as I listened was my dad. I do not remember my dad ever listening to another radio station when I was a kid and it is still his station of choice. Anytime dad was driving NPR was on. I remember listening to Car Talk, Lake Woebegone, and All Things Considered. As a child I remember drives in the VA Mountains listening to Car Talk, hearing dad laugh and make commentary. Even when we were at home he would turn on the radio to listen to Garrison Keillor. As a family we all enjoyed our Saturday evenings with Garrison Keillor.

I remember sitting in the car at the bus stop on super cold or rainy days listening to the morning edition. We didn’t talk much when the news was on. At times I thought that public radio was so boring, I wanted to listen to the current music topping the charts but we quickly learned the car rule. The driver chooses the radio station.

Some memories are so vivid that it seems as if it was yesterday that as a family we were driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, picnic packed, looking for a great place to stop, hike, play in a creek, picnic and enjoy simple family time. In the fall we would go up to get fresh apples. The orchard had fresh, hot apple cider. I remember we were all excited about those days. Colorful scenery, cool temperatures, getting apples and running through creeks…I believe we all crashed on the drive home.


Although, listening to NPR has not been a regular past time of mine I find a sense of comfort to it. I enjoy the memories of mornings with dad, Saturday nights at home, car trips we took and dad would always find the public stations, and the times we would wait for mom to get off work at night so long ago when she worked at Thalhimers. I know my sisters, brother and I were not always obedient and quiet but I believe we knew not to speak, or if we did to whisper, while the radio was on so dad could listen to it.

Since moving out of mama and daddy’s house I prefer to listen to the news rather than read it. Most nights I turn on the evening news and listen while I cook. The kids always want me to change the channel. They think because I am not sitting down watching the evening news that I am not paying attention.

So since Sunday I have had the radio turned to our local public radio station when in the car. Although, I do not know the program schedule or am not in the car much I find myself thinking how cool it would be if Car Talk or Garrison Keilor just happened to come on. A few months ago I even downloaded the NPR’s app to my phone and was excited to see I could listen to Car Talk or All Things Considered.

Although public radio may not be something I think about tuning to on a regular basis the memories and feelings that come back are wonderful. It is the same with public TV; a few weekends ago the kids and I watched Masterpiece Classics and some Opera on PBS. That brought back great memories with my mom.

There are many traditions we have in my family that came from mama and daddy because I loved them as a kid. I enjoy sharing with my kids those things and talking about my childhood with them. Now I have incorporated more PBS and NPR into our lives because of memories in the car with my daddy.


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  1. March 29, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    Car Talk is on Saturdays! I forget exactly what time (I think it’s before noon though), but another great show on NPR I like to listen to (either Saturday or Sunday, I can’t remember right now) is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. 🙂

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