Let’s catch up

Since we last chatted some exciting stuff has happened.

Hannah’s art work was selected to be in the District Art Show for the 2nd year in a row. Very few were chosen from her school.

Taylor has received all the money needed to go on her trip. Through some jobs and donations she is set to leave in less than a month!! She is so excited. Thanks to all who helped her go!!!

School is almost over for the year. The kids are looking forward to summer. We do not have big plans. No trips scheduled. We will go to Houston before Taylor leaves to see Caley & Addie dance. Mimi and Pawpaw plan to come out for the July birthdays. Jason has plenty of traveling to do. So we will spend a lot of time at the pool!

A few months ago I mentioned Joshua tested out of SRP. Well, the reason he went to SRP improved but, there is plenty of work to do. After lot sos research, consults with a dear friend who is a kinder teacher and talking to a Dyslexia therapist we have decided to have Joshua tested this summer. He will not be old enough to receive the full pshyco educational eval but the testing with the speech therapist who will also test for phonological processing will be enough to determine if and what issues there are and will also serve to make sure the school accommodates him next year. We did not want to wait to have him tested for many reasons, the biggest being we did not want him to dread school. He loves it so much and he knows it is hard for him to read. When we talk with him he shares  his frustrations on his own and that is enough for me and J. We certainly do not want him to endure the struggles and hardships I did.

This summer will be Hannah’s first time to go to sleep away church camp! She is excited. I am worried. I know she will be fine and have fun…it’s the taking care of herself. Do you remember, have you seen the Bill Cosby shower skit? Ya know the one where he has to instruct the kids to first get undressed, then get in the shower, turn on the water, use soap, then rinse, turn off water then dry off, put on clean clothes…? That is why I worry. Hannah has a brilliant mind, for science, math, creativity and building things. All else doesn’t matter to her as much!

But I know she will be fine. It’s only a week.




Mothers day was great!!! I was not allowed in the kitchen.

Jason made homemade beignets for breakfast and made a wonderful steak dinner.

We had a good morning at church, a great nap! It was a good day.



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