Spreading their wings

Last Monday we put our baby on a jet plane to cross the pond….she has spent the last week in the United Kingdom. We have chatted with her about 4 times, one was a Skype call and she was so excited to see our faces she cried. She is having so much fun and making lots of new friends. She sounds more grown up. It is amazing to hear the change in just a few short days. She has learned so much and says she enjoys it A LOT!

She was ready to go and get on that plane long before it was time….she showed SO much confidence and independence at the airport it was such a joy to witness it. She was the first to jump into line and walk through security. We watched her get through and she did fabulous….she proved she was more than ready to go!

There have been days in the last 10 1/2 years where I have questioned how well I am doing as a mother and we have had some rough days but last Monday was a boost of confidence that I am doing just fine and God has given me all I need to mother her and her siblings.

I am so proud of her she has kept good track of her money and has not spent much, so far….her last day will be spent in Disneyland Paris so I am sure she might have fun shopping 🙂

Tomorrow night she takes an overnight ferry ride to France. Hopefully she will not need the Dramamine.

Hannah leaves for church camp tomorrow. It is her first time to go and she cannot wait. I am more nervous about sending her off…with her food allergies, animal allergies and her, well hippie personality I am not sure what to expect. It would be no surprise if she brought home an empty suitcase, did not shower much, forgot to brush her teeth and possibly unknowingly gave herself dreadlocks. I plan to keep my week busy so I am not focusing on all of that.

It has been over 6 years since I had just 2 kids. It will be nice to focus on all things Joshua and Mercie. They have never had the focus be on all of them much being the last 2 kiddos. I am sure the week will be full of pool time, Wii, painful kids movies and the like, but, it will be fun and we will make welcome home banners for the girls!!!


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