The days are long and the years are short

I have never felt my age. I am really not sure what that means but when I was a child I had thoughts about what it might feel like to be a certain ages. Well, it has never been that way/felt that way. When I think about my age I feel I should feel different, older. It is odd to say that I am 36. Really?! I am 36? Well OK then….I feel like I don’t age. Maybe it is because I still love Hello Kitty and my office supplies and desk accessories are Hello Kitty. Maybe it is because I never really stopped running and exercising. Maybe because I have so much fun with my kids and we all do sill stuff together. Maybe because I think I am the funniest person and I look for the humor in life. Who knows….

It is shocking when I think that about how old I don’t feel because I have 4 kids and the oldest is 11 and starting middle school. Wow, I have been a mom for 11 years. Most days feel like play. There is plenty of mothering duties and parental instruction and all the not so fun stuff that comes with being a parent but more times than most we have fun. We play, we compete, we laugh, we hang out and enjoy each other. The last two weeks we have been busy with school open house, orientations, clothes shopping, hair cuts and all things school needed to prepare for the start of another school year. All was going well until the hair salon. My babies went in looking like my babies and they came out looking like, well, grown kids. I cried a little.

Who are these girls? Do they really belong to me?

I have had the best time with Taylor this week and we prepare her for middle school, walk her classes and get her the spirit wear, PE uniforms and locker stuff. It has been so fun and I am excited about the future and watching her grow and having fun with her. I know there’s some not so fun stuff coming our way and we have had glimpses of the preteen/teenager attitude. So far it has been small and the dealing with it successful.

Hannah’s new smile is so beautiful. She got her braces off 2 weeks ago and now uses a retainer at night. SHe doesn’t look like a fourth grader to me….

And lil Miss Mercie where did my baby go?! This time next year I will br trying to deal with the fact that she will be off to kindergarten. I just gave birth to her. How in the world has time flown by so fast?

Boy are J and I in for it when we hit the dating years. This past week Taylor had 2 boys come to visit and hang out. She was on cloud 9. The boys were nice and polite and they all just watched some TV and played Wii. A bonus, they were super great with the younger kids. No rudeness or excluding.


Joshua has made GREAT strides this summer with reading. He read 95 books!! As a reward we bought him Mario Kart. He is excited to go back to school and start 1st grade. He was such a trooper  on hair salon day. All 4 of us girls got our hair done and he waited patiently without complaint. So proud of my lil man!!

Well this is our last weekend before school starts. We are glad to have J home for the weekend and to help deliver all the kiddos to their first day of school!

Have a great weekend!!!!







































































































































































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