Mom he is so hot, he is hot I want to marry him!

Middle school, pre-teen we are so in it!

Attitude: CHECK (not terrible, we get highlights every now and then but so far she knows to curb it)

Friends are now more important: CHECK (want to be at school early and is not as punctual leaving any event)

Notices boys: DOUBLE CHECK!!!

So have you heard of Hunter Hayes? He is a country singer, a young’n (Oh crap am I that old that I say young’n?) Well, in case you are just hearing there is a Hunter Hayes on this planet, like I did today, here is Taylor’s favorite song of his.

The conversation went like this:

Mom there is this new singer, he was just discovered. He is so hot, mom hot! His name his Hunter Hayes and he is hot. He is a country singer and he is so hot, so hot I wanna marry him he is so hot. I watch his video on you tube and he is hot! I love his song, He is hot, hot. I just like to look at him he is hot!

OK, so in case it was not clear Taylor thinks Hunter Hayes is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Oh boy! We are being welcomed into pre-teen/teenage-ness as we speak. Luckily, it is bringing more laughter than tears right now. I pray it stays that way because with 4 I know we will pay greatly with at least one of them and want to find the nearest cruise ship and leave with no return date set.

I so enjoy these chats with Taylor and love that she talks to me about it all. So as she was talking about his hotness and that she loved this song, I sat down at the computer with her and said let’s check out his hotness and listen to his music. It was cute as she smiled big and said “see mom, isn’t he hot? Don’t ya like that song?”

My heart is so full of joy and I just love my kids to pieces!



1 Response to “Mom he is so hot, he is hot I want to marry him!”

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