This weeks funnies

The things that go on on a daily basis around here are so comical. So wish I got it all on tape.

Mercie: Joshua said last night sexy meant girls are hot and pretty. So I’m gonna tell Owen and Melody at school that’s what sexy means and that boys fall in love then so don’t do that at school it’s inappropriate.

If you get the blessing of being around Mercie you must play Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. Merice rocks out to it and belts out the chorus like nobody’s business. “JUICEBOX HERO…”

Hannah: “So mom, I brought home this flyer for this thing, called…um, well something. It sometime next week from sometime to sometime and it will be fun. So can I go?” I am now looking at her very puzzled and thinking to  myself does she really think she is going to get an answer to go to this thing, sometime next week, somewhere for something?! But, yes, it is Hannah… I answer her this way “I cannot answer that question now because I have no idea what you are talking about so we will look at the flyer later”. She lets out a deep sigh and looks bewildered as to why i did not giver her a yes.

Speaking to my crazy and the obsession I have with dust and eliminating it I may have set myself up for failure, well more like an injury. Just a sidebar: I know I can never be free from dust and will never eliminate it BUT I cannot stop tying…it is an obsession and a strong urge to constantly clean.  It is the same kinda thing as people who wash their hands over and over…

Okay, I vacuumed and dusted today but having gorgeous, dark, hardwood floors shows everything. I love my floors and I love clean….so in my state of urgency to not see dust I got out the dust mop to run over the floors to catch what the vacuum did not….after I sprayed it with pledge…

This made sense to me at the time…then I stepped in a spot that was real slick. Guess I didn’t rub the pledge in real good there…honestly, it still makes sense to me but I am hoping the 6 of us won’t be breaking any bones.


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