The days crawl and the years fly…

The hours and days seem to pass slowly but the months and years seem to be whizzing by at light speed. Yet, most days I don’t seem to be where I want to be at the end of the day… I lay my head on my pillow exhausted with To Do’s still to be done or I force myself to lay down because I have a date with the pavement (or treadmill most days) that I cannot skip out on. It is my happy pills, my medicine that keeps the anxiety to a minimum.

I find my mind wandering to next school year when all 4 will be in school full-time. I can see how I may be able to accomplish more because I won’t have 3 schools to run around to twice a day. I can date the pavement more than the treadmill because Taylor may be a bus rider next year. The afternoon schedule is brutal on us all and the other 3 don’t get any real playtime…plus the gas money we will save. Yet, I get teary eyed and choked up at the same time. My baby will be in kinder. She won’t be spending 2 days a week with me, we won’t have the hour after I get her from preschool to ourselves to talk about how her day went or shop together or go play before the others get home. For the first time next August I will have to get used to coming home to an empty house. I haven’t done that for 12 years. No one to share lunch unless Jason is home and not on a call….

I don’t think there is too much on my plate. But the fact that struggle with everything being perfect…my perfect doesn’t help with time management. Then there is the “I have to make whatever I want/need to eat from scratch.” Although that is enjoyable most days it is time consuming. Plus, I am not going make homemade, real food goodness and then buy the store bought, chocked full of fake and too many preservatives food for my family so the baking, mixing, cooking is constant.

Last week was Spring Break and we all just chilled. The kids had a few play dates and we visited a park. We had no schedule and we slept in and watched movies over dinner each night. It was nice, super relaxing and a much need down time. I am so ready for summer!!!!Of course, I am sure somewhere in late July or August I will be ready for school.

Joshua will be 7 on Thursday! SEVEN!!! Oh my… how is he 7?! That means July marks out 7 year anniversary living n TX. WHAT? That’s how long we lived in CA and it’s the same amount of time I lived in MS. Maybe that’s why I have an underlying itching for traveling, across the pond traveling, for some sort of change. Not interested in moving, that’s an ordeal and there is a lot of sweetness here for our family. But even as a child moving around like we did as a family I don’t believe I have lived anywhere longer than 7 years. So this seventh year of Joshua’s life, our seventh year in TX will be exciting for us. Being here 7 years is testament that the years whizz by, it really doesn’t seem like we’ve been here that long. A lot of relationships have changed since we moved here, some friends have moved others have drifted and I feel like we are strangers in a new land sometimes due to all the changing of friendships.



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