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Who writes this stuff? Who comes up with these definitions? I don’t know I haven’t really ever used Urban Dictionary but I have a preteen and apparently she does. She sent me a text the other night with the urban dictionary meaning to my name. Little does she know I more than needed to read this and even more needed to read her comment “mom that is totally you!” on the day she sent it.

I sat there and bawled for a few minutes. I was touched to my core that this is how she sees me that she would let me know she totally agrees with this. (Forget there are other meanings to my name in urban dictionary because I know you are probably looking it up or at least your name anyway, this is the only one I am going to focus on…)


Meaning; woman with a heart after God. She loves her coffee the color of her skin and she simply adores chocolate. She is loyal to her friends and family. She is blessed and growing. Most men like a Bronwyn, because she’s intelligent, sexy, articulate, dresses to the 9s, has a gorgeous smile, loves to laugh, and there are so many other things to love about her. She is the best friend that anyone could ever hope to have. If you have a Bronwyn and you are far from her, you will suffer some misery because you miss her so much

Why did I need to hear this that day? I am doing a study called Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. It’s about identifying the moments and why you come unglued, snap, fly off the handle….etc… and then how to change our thinking so we do not fly off the handle.

OK, for about 4 weeks I sat in the study not relating, I am a stuffer so it takes A LOT to get me to fly off the handle at someone. I made it clear I didn’t want to be there and was unsure about this because I didn’t want any issues. Change is hard and it creates issues so I sat and listened. In the listening I started to learn more about myself, seeing how stuffing can be the same as coming unglued sometimes. But the Wednesday Taylor sent me that text I was vulnerable with the group about my poor self-image and how negative talk from my childhood has been tattooed in my mind. An exercise we did (well, I didn’t) was to choose 3 words from a long list we wanted to be our words. Words like secure, faithful, creative, encourager, and the list went on. I admitted I couldn’t chose any word because I didn’t see myself as any of that or that I could be that due to years of negative stuff. So hearing my daughter say she thinks the above meaning is me, how she sees me meant the world to me because it’s hard to see and understand how others see you if you see yourself the complete opposite. I have always been afraid of how my kids will view me, remember me because I have had a few freaked out, go loco on my kids about big things and small things, have a standard for things and I have tried to get them to see how things “should” be…and I fear that’s all they remember and therefore view me through those lenses.

Thank you Taylor, I love you and am glad you see me that way.

She also added “the last line describes daddy right now too…” sweet of her, J travels often and he misses home greatly while he is away.


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