The Princess Series-how it started

Big BrotherMiss Mercie is a lil princess…. we have not purposefully made her this way but being the youngest child who looks up to her older brother a lot she has turned into a princess. I am sure we have helped her transformation because she is our last child, she is a mini me and well her father knows all to well the softie he becomes for me and he already sees and struggles with the giving in factor for our lil princess. Also, the fact that Joshua has always adored her and that he loves to be her helper and the lil gentleman in her life has only fueled her princess transformation.

When Mercie was just a week old and napping in her cradle Joshua excitedly and eagerly wanted to show us what he did… he led us into our room to Mercie’s cradle and said “I shared, I love her!” We found his Mack and Lightening McQueen toys laying next to her in her cradle. This was a tear jerker because he NEVER let anyone else touch those toys and when his older sisters tried he threw a fit and fiercely fought them off that we had to make a rule for the girls hands off all his CARS toys. PERIOD. But there he was trying to fit in his most prized toys next to his very new little sister. Doesn’t this picture say it all?Joshua shared

Mercie craves to be heard and seen. She is a demander of you must love on me. She likes the chase and she loves to sit and then asks you to do xyz for her when she is fully capable of doing it herself. When you let her know that her responses are “But I don’t want to, I want you to do it for me, pleeeaasse.” Having an ear to her and Joshua’s conversations is very entertaining and can lift your spirits. In light of these exchanges that are just too good to keep within our house I have decided to blog about them and so The Princess Series is born.

Despite Mercie wanting others to do things for her at times she very much likes to do many things herself without help from any of her siblings. There is a steady stream of “I can do it myself! I don’t need your help!” but mingled in between those moments you will hear the following….

Scene: Mercie wants or needs someone to open the door for her…

Mercie: Joshua please open the door for me.

Joshua: No, you can do it, put your stuff down and then open the door.

Mercie: But I am a lady and you are a boy… boys have to open doors for ladies.

Joshua then will sigh and reluctantly open the door for her and help her with her stuff thanks to the proper training from Jason and the many conversations on how you treat girls.

These scenarios play out quite a bit and I think Mercie, whether she knows it or not, has learned what to say to get her brother to act on her behalf for most everything.


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