Kickin It Old School

If you judged my children’s cleanliness alone no one would believe they belonged to me. I am not sure if the clean gene kicks in later or if they all 4 have missed it entirely.

Over many years I have tried an enormous amount of tactics to get them to clean. I have allowed them to choose their organizational tools, I have helped them clean and organize teaching them along the way and I have kicked them out of their rooms while I clean how I see fit as well as doing the same when they are not at home. Tough cookies if I got rid of something they loved because they could not put it away. Jason and I have tried to help them understand to make choices, you can’t keep everything…We have over dramatically praised them for great cleanliness when they exhibit it and they have shown us they can do it, just rarely do it. We have grounded, taken away possessions, privileges, ignored it altogether, and I have stepped away from asking them and let Jason handle it…nothing seems to make it better.

Friday is the last day of school and boy are they making plans. Sunday night Taylor leaves for youth camp, Friday Hannah wants to go to a friends sleepover and Saturday we may be hitting the pool with friends. However, I don’t mind going solo or with just the younger 2. The current state of their room and bathroom is deplorable, disgusting and I  may just break out in hives. So in efforts to speak to them in another language and possibly excite them a little this was posted on their door waiting to greet them when they got home from school! (Thanks Pintrest)

I can say that if Jason was home we’d force them to watch a video of their parents rapping, beat box and break dancing skills…on a loop until the room met my satisfaction. Which can still be done because I am sure the end result of the cleaning today and tomorrow will not last long.

clean room


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